@BillKristol nails Trumpkins

“Conservatism in the age of Trump isn’t just stupid. It’s proud of its stupidity. It isn’t just non-intellectual. It’s anti-intellectual, and disdainful of serious scholars and thinkers.”

One of the best smiles in American conservatism.

One thought on “@BillKristol nails Trumpkins

  1. Old and in the way says:

    DPRK News Service @DPRK_News [“Official News feed of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea”] 10:10 AM – 14 Dec 2018: “End of Weekly Standard magazine, which preached endless and eternal war, is mourned by western conservatives praising end of “Gawker,” which mildly damaged one professional wrestler’s reputation by printing truth.”
    “The Curse of The Weekly Standard” (Atlantic) https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/12/weekly-standard-ending-high-note/578230/ “In the Donald Trump era, some liberals are confounded by their affection for a figure they would otherwise despise. He is known to them, after all, as one of America’s most enthusiastic warmongers—and the man who first vaulted Sarah Palin to national fame. Yet for all his many episodes of villainy, it’s possible to concede the pleasures of his impish company, especially when he breaks ranks to join your political side. His current career as a pithy critic of the president had led liberal Twitter to endow him with a grudgingly affectionate moniker: He is “Woke Bill Kristol.”
    Today, the magazine Bill Kristol founded, The Weekly Standard, is not awake at all. The owner of the magazine, Phil Anschutz, has snuffed it out. He folded the Standard at the very moment it was enjoying newfound relevance as the house organ of the Never Trump wing of the Republican Party. On the eve of its death, the Standard exhibited a cover-to-cover vibrance that had eluded it for more than a decade.”
    Re: Philip Anschutz see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Anschutz

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