Electric vs carbon muscle — Tesla challenged by Camaro IROC-Z

❝ According to the Tesla Trip YouTube channel’s owner, his friend, who owns the Camaro, challenged him and his Model X to a tug-of-war. That’s right. This time around, it was actually the GM-made American muscle car who laid down the gauntlet to the all-electric SUV, and the Model X’s owner was pleased to comply.

The results of the battle between the two vehicles were entertaining, to say the least. As could be seen in the YouTube video, which was filmed from a drone, the Chevy Camaro 350 IROC-Z looked like it tried to get an early jump on the Model X. As soon as the electric car started pulling, however, the muscle car looked like it was being thrown around like a rag doll.

Any Beach Boy-style rock’n roll songs out about Teslas, yet.

Trump’s data pimps kept Facebook info they said was deleted

Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data-analysis firm that worked for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, over allegations that it held onto improperly obtained user data after telling Facebook it had deleted the information.

…Facebook said, Cambridge Analytica received user data from a Facebook app that purported to be a psychological research tool, though the firm wasn’t authorized to have that information. Roughly 270,000 people downloaded the app and shared their personal details with it…

Cambridge Analytica later certified in 2015 that it had destroyed the information that it received, according to Facebook, although the social network said it received reports “several days ago” that not all the data was deleted.

❝ While it investigates the matter, Facebook has also suspended the access of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories; the academic who created the app in question, a University of Cambridge psychology professor named Aleksandr Kogan; and another individual, Christopher Wylie of Eunoia Technologies, who also allegedly received the user data from the app.

Many big, successful geeky firms pride themselves on high standards, privacy protection. Some are as sleazy as the worst of the creeps populating corporate admin. Going to spend much time online – in a world where the fastest communications and info are Web-dependent – better learn who you should trust and shouldn’t.