Is Trump about to go off the Deep End?

❝ Last fall, prominent psychiatrists broke with the American Psychiatric Association to warn that President Trump is dangerous and mentally unstable…

With reports that a giddy commander in chief is running around the White House like a kid freed of any adult supervision, having dispatched every moderate who hasn’t resigned in hopes of saving a shred of his integrity, Donald Trump now appears to be in a state of mania as he escalates his efforts to bolster his fragile ego before he goes into the cage with special counsel Robert Mueller—or fires him…

❝ This was exactly what the contributors to the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump warned about six months ago. The psychiatric professionals who contributed to the book have monitored and come to know Trump’s character better than most clients they have treated or people they have interviewed. As the special prosecutor’s noose tightens around the president and his cultish family, it is increasingly clear that he is an imminent danger to the public, and this impinges on professionals’ duty to society…

The authors of the book warned that the Trump effect was creating a “malignant normalcy,” a collective psychological anesthesia in the face of people’s free-floating fears about the stability of this president. Last fall, it was the kind of hush that falls before an impending hurricane or an October Surprise. The book warned that the worst was ahead.

RTFA. Anyone imagine things in the White House will be “getting better” – whatever that might mean?

5 thoughts on “Is Trump about to go off the Deep End?

  1. Losin' It says:

    “Trump lashes out as Cohen raid fuses Russia probe and Stormy case”
    “Trump’s presidency has been packed with surreal moments. But Monday’s staggering events took some believing. An FBI raid on the offices of a lawyer employed by a sitting President is something that is without precedent in modern political memory. A President reacting in real time by attacking the probity of an investigation against him and wondering how to end it. And even the setting of Trump’s comments was mind-boggling — he burst out with his comments unprompted as his top military brass was gathered around him, contemplating whether to send US forces to war in Syria.”
    “Wag the Dog”

  2. Fizzing Whizbee says:

    “Trump’s perceived persecution fuels unrest” (CNN 4/11/18) “The President perceives a marauding special counsel, an FBI plot to persecute him and a conspiracy within his own government to unfairly pry deep into his personal confidences held by a cherished confidant and personal attorney.
    Aides say he believes he has the right to fire Robert Mueller, is sizing up Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and is fuming behind closed doors while groping for a way out. The President set off new questions about his state of mind and the possibility he was trying to divert attention from his legal woes in a tweet Wednesday in which he taunted Russia over its ability to shoot down US missiles in an apparently looming strike on Syria.
    Trump’s tunnel vision about widening legal probes surrounding him and his White House may not reflect reality, or even the views of many supposed allies on Capitol Hill, but it’s a powerful driving force behind his actions, as everyone waits with dread to see what happens next following Monday’s FBI raid targeting his personal lawyer Michael Cohen.”

  3. Latest installment says:

    “Exclusive Interview: President Trump on Fox & Friends” (Fox News April 26, 2018) [30:01]
    “Donald Trump’s “Fox & Friends” debacle: President throws himself under the bus : Fox News’ morning talk-show hosts ultimately pulled the plug on a disastrous Trump interview. Was it too late?”
    “CNN’s Anderson Cooper didn’t mince words when it came to President Donald Trump’s wild 30-minute Fox News interview on Thursday. After guest Alan Dershowitz warned that it would “go down a very bad road for us to start parsing the president’s words” from his public statements, Cooper let loose: “Don’t you think that it’s kind of surreal that we are in a place now as a county where we’re, like, ‘Oh, don’t listen to the president,’ like he’s a crazy person on a park bench with an onion tied to his belt, just mumbling incoherently? You’re saying, ‘Don’t parse his words,’ you’re saying, essentially, don’t listen to him, don’t pay attention to the words that come out of his mouth because they really have no meaning.” Dershowitz insisted that’s not what he meant and said Trump is “entitled to express views,” but also admitted that the president “sends conflicting messages” and wished that he didn’t do so.”

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