UN Offers Award in Name of Slain Mexican Journalists

❝ The United Nations has announced a new journalism award – The Breach/Valdez Award for Journalism and Human Rights – to “recognize the career of journalists in Mexico who have excelled in a journalistic investigation for human rights,” says the international organization.

❝ The accolade is named after two Mexican journalists assassinated in 2017 – Javier Valdez and Miroslava Breach – both gunned down by criminal organizations for investigating the connections between illegal cartels and high-ranking Mexican politicians…

❝ “With this award, we’d also like to contribute to combatting systemic impunity and violence that journalists face and more broadly human rights activists,” said Giancarlo Summa, U.N. Director of the Center for Information at a press conference to announce the award…

A U.N. statement reads that the killings of Breach and Valdez indicate that, “no journalist, not even though with international recognition, is safe from violence in particular when they attack corruption in this country.”

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

2 thoughts on “UN Offers Award in Name of Slain Mexican Journalists

  1. Vecino says:

    The legal team for a Mexican reporter and his son detained after fleeing to the U.S., trying to seek asylum, says the U.S. government is now trying to stifle further information from being released to the public. https://fronterasdesk.org/content/637996/us-government-clamps-down-mexican-journalists-asylum-case Emilio Gutierrez and his teenage son fled to El Paso, Texas in 2008 after soldiers from Mexico’s army threatened him over his reporting. They were ordered to be held earlier this year and locked up in a detention center even as advocates argued not only for their release but for their asylum from Mexico.
    Now, those advocates say the U.S. government has clamped down on new information about their case from coming out.
    “We of course opposed that and the judge issued an order without even waiting to hear from us,” said Penny Venetis, director of the international human rights clinic at Rutgers Law School.
    Gutierrez has been backed by numerous journalism organizations and the El Paso Catholic bishop.

  2. Otra vez says:

    Body of Mexican journalist Hector Gonzalez Antonio dumped in Tamaulipas, taking toll of slain media workers to six this year in Mexico. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/05/mexican-journalist-hector-gonzalez-antonio-beaten-death-180530053135595.html Antonio’s killing comes less than a week after the murder of economics reporter Alicia Diaz Gonzalez, who was found dead in her home in Monterrey in northern Mexico. She had also been beaten to death.
    Earlier this month, radio journalist Juan Carlos Huerta was shot dead as he left his home in a suburb of Villahermosa in southeast Mexico.
    Mexico is the second deadliest country for journalists after Syria, according to a Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report. Since President Enrique Pena Nieto assumed his office in 2012, at least 42 journalists have been killed and there have been about 2,000 attacks on reporters.
    Since 2000, more than 100 reporters have been killed in the country, with most of those crimes still unpunished.

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