Yank Brexiteer, Trump Nutball Wonk, Detained by FBI debarking at Boston Airport — Subpoenaed by Mueller

Frank Augstein/AP

❝ A controversial London-based academic with close ties to Nigel Farage has been detained by the FBI upon arrival in the US and issued a subpoena to testify before Robert Mueller, the special counsel who is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Ted Malloch, an American touted last year as a possible candidate to serve as US ambassador to the EU, said he was interrogated by the FBI at Boston’s Logan airport on Wednesday following a flight from London and questioned about his involvement in the Trump campaign.

❝ In a detailed statement about the experience, which he described as bewildering and intimidating at times, Malloch said the federal agents who stopped him and separated him from his wife “seemed to know everything about me” and warned him that lying to the FBI was a felony. In the statement Malloch denied having any Russia contacts.

Malloch said he had agreed with the special counsel’s office that he would appear before Mueller’s grand jury in Washington DC on 13 April.

Dude – you don’t just “agree” to appear before a grand jury when you receive a federal subpoena. This continues to grow into the best corruption jigsaw puzzle since Nixon’s Watergate stupidity.

4 thoughts on “Yank Brexiteer, Trump Nutball Wonk, Detained by FBI debarking at Boston Airport — Subpoenaed by Mueller

  1. Wiseguy says:

    “The Russia Investigations: On The Hunt For Duffel Bags Full Of Cash” (NPR) https://www.npr.org/2018/04/07/600234750/the-russia-investigations-on-the-hunt-for-duffel-bags-full-of-cash
    Meanwhile Paul Manafort’s lawyers have asked his trial judge to suppress evidence from over 20 boxes of files from a storage locker in Va. https://twitter.com/christinawilkie/status/982478648677683201?s=12 One box has the name “Jules Nasso” written on the outside of it, according to the court filings. Nasso once pleaded guilty to threatening Steven Seagal on behalf of the Gambino crime family.

  2. вожак says:

    “Russian billionaire who attended Trump’s inauguration questioned by Mueller’s team as he exited his private jet” https://www.rawstory.com/2018/05/russian-billionaire-attended-trumps-inauguration-questioned-muellers-team-exited-private-jet/
    “New York Times: Vekselberg testified before US special prosecutor” https://en.crimerussia.com/oligarchs/new-york-times-vekselberg-testified-before-us-special-prosecutor/
    According to The New York Times, the billionaire attended the inauguration ceremony of US President Donald Trump in January 2017 thanks to his cousin and business partner Andrew Intrater, who donated $250,000 to the inaugural fund. The special prosecutor’s representatives also spoken with Intrater, the publication notes. As for the Cyprus, it concerns the company controlled by Vekselberg, was the largest shareholder of the Bank of Cyprus.
    See also “Vekselberg’s $1.5-2bn Renova assets frozen due to US sanctions” https://en.crimerussia.com/oligarchs/vekselberg-s-1-5-2bn-renova-assets-frozen-due-to-us-sanctions/

    • 'splain me this, Lucy says:

      “Firm linked to Russian mogul paid $500,000 to Trump attorney Michael Cohen” (L.A. Times 5/8/18) http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-cohen-russia-vekselberg-20180508-story.html
      The shell company used by President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to pay off porn actress Stormy Daniels received about $500,000 last year from a business linked to a Russian billionaire who is close to President Vladimir Putin. Cohen’s company, Essential Consultants LLC, received the money from a U.S. offshoot of the business empire of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. The payment from Columbus Nova LLC came to light in a seven-page report by Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti [additionally, Novartis, the pharmaceutical giant, paid Cohen’s company nearly $400,000; AT&T, $200,000; and Korea Aerospace Industries LTD, $150,000]. Renova Group, Vekselberg’s Russian conglomerate of energy, telecommunications and other companies, is the largest investor in Columbus Nova, a private equity firm in New York. Andrew Intrater, an American cousin of Vekselberg, is the chief executive of Columbus Nova. Intrater donated $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration. He also gave $29,600 to the Republican National Committee in June 2017. As recently as last year, the Renova Group’s website listed Columbus Nova as one of its companies.
      The payments from Columbus Nova appear to entangle Cohen deeper in the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the U.S. election. Vekselberg is one of the oligarchs and senior Russian officials sanctioned last month by the Trump administration.

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