Landmark: Colorado residents win the right to store energy

❝ Colorado is among the first states in the country to grant residents the right to store energy without discrimination in rates or excessive barriers in connecting to the power grid…

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the landmark Senate Bill 9 into law Thursday, which declares “that consumers of electricity have a right to install, interconnect, and use energy storage systems on their property, and that this will enhance the reliability and efficiency of the electric grid, save money, and reduce the need for additional electric generation facilities.”

❝ Energy storage, or battery, system prices have dropped within the price range of some households and businesses, allowing them to capture surplus energy generated from renewable sources.

Utilities in other states opposed to battery systems, which lessen their control over the grid, have moved to block or establish different rates for customers who use them.

The Free Market in the Land of the Free.

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