6 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Attacks David Hogg

  1. Bully pulpit says:

    “Laura Ingraham And Fox News Like To Play The Victim. The Parkland Survivors Won’t Let Them” http://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2018/04/05/laura-ingraham-advertiser-boycott-steve-almond
    Rush Limbaugh: “How Does a 17-Year-Old Sound Like an Experienced Liberal Activist?” https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/03/30/how-does-a-17-year-old-sound-like-an-experienced-liberal-activist/
    “Parkland Students Find Themselves Targets of Lies and Personal Attacks” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/27/us/parkland-students-hogg-gonzalez.html
    “Laura Ingraham’s advertisers aren’t really staging a boycott. It’s a capital strike.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/laura-ingrahams-advertisers-arent-really-staging-a-boycott-its-a-capital-strike/2018/04/04/aba91dd2-382a-11e8-acd5-35eac230e514_story.html?utm_term=.39fb7e8def1c

  2. Luke 12:2 says:

    “Amid ad boycott, Laura Ingraham says she won’t be silenced by ‘the left'” http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/10/media/laura-ingraham-boycott-free-speech/index.html
    Meanwhile: “A conservative host for a station owned by the embattled Sinclair Broadcast Group has resigned after threatening one of the teen survivors of the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.
    “I’ve been hanging out getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass,” Jamie Allman wrote on Twitter on March 26.
    The tweet by the host of “The Allman Report” on KDNL-TV, the Sinclair-owned St. Louis ABC affiliate, has since been deleted, but it caused advertisers to flee his show.
    …Allman, former spokesman for the St. Louis Archdiocese https://www.stlmag.com/Defender-of-the-Faith/ , also hosts a radio show on KFTK, a conservative station. ” https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jamie-allman-canceled_us_5acc21c5e4b07a3485e7a557

  3. Mouse that roared says:

    Bank of America will stop lending to gun manufacturers that make “military-style firearms” for civilians, the bank’s vice chair announced in an interview Tuesday. https://www.buzzfeed.com/salvadorhernandez/bank-of-america-says-it-will-stop-lending-money-to?utm_term=.udWLAoOd9#.ffOv4N6wM The decision from Bank of America, the US’s second-biggest bank, came after the company announced in February it would ask gunmakers how they could help end mass shootings.
    BlackRock, which according to Bloomberg is the world’s biggest asset manager, also told investors it was reaching out to gunmakers and retailers to determine how they would respond as businesses to the spate of mass shootings.
    The company told its investors last week it was working to form new products so that clients could exclude major gunmakers and retailers from their investment portfolios.

  4. McLuhan says:

    “Despite facing a massive advertiser boycott and losing more than a dozen sponsors, Fox News host Laura Ingraham retained the top spot in cable news TV’s 10 p.m. ratings battle.
    And it’s forcing companies who caved to the liberal outrage mob to return to Ingraham’s show.”
    (TheBlaze 4/14/18) https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/04/14/heres-what-happened-to-ingrahams-ratings-in-first-week-back-its-forcing-companies-to-return
    “TheBlaze is an American conservative news and entertainment network available on television, radio, and the Internet founded by talk radio personality Glenn Beck.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Beck#TheBlaze_TV_(formerly_GBTV)
    “Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio Duck” http://popculturedetective.agency/2010/right-wing-radio-duck-donald-discovers-glenn-beck

  5. HAR says:

    “David Hogg, a survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the head of an anti-Trump, anti-NRA Super PAC raised more than requested on GoFundMe to put up a Texas billboard featuring Trump ridiculing Sen. Ted Cruz.” (Newsweek 9/2/18) https://www.newsweek.com/david-hogg-ted-cruz-trump-billboard-beto-orourke-senate-texas-stadium-1101369 “Incumbent Republican Cruz, who is embroiled in a heated U.S. Senate race with Democrat Beto O’Rourke, received the endorsement of President Donald Trump via Twitter Friday. The president said he will hold an October political rally for Cruz, who he had once labeled “Lyin’ Ted” during their 2016 GOP presidential campaign fight. Hogg and Mad Dog PAC chief Claude Taylor set up a GoFundMe which already raised double the $6,000 needed to put up a billboard at the rally showing Trump’s negative remarks about Cruz from 2016.”

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