One thought on “Ignoranus Interruptus, Republican Style

  1. WTF?! says:

    “Pruitt Proposes Limits to Scientific Research Used by EPA Staff” (Bloomberg) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency broke with four decades of practice Tuesday and proposed limits on the science used to develop policies protecting public health and the environment. “It’s a perfect catch-22,” Andrew Rosenberg, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Center for Science and Democracy, said. “You must protect the public health, but you can’t use public-health science to do it. Therefore, you don’t protect the public health,” he said. Pruitt’s proposal is not the first time Republicans have put such a policy forward. The most recent legislative attempt was the HONEST Act, which was sponsored by Representative Lamar Smith of Texas and passed the House in March 2017. The previous version, the EPA Secret Science Reform Act of 2015, would have cost the EPA $250 million, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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