Trump Flunkey wants use of science reduced by EPA staff

❝ The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency broke with four decades of practice Tuesday and proposed limits on the science used to develop policies protecting public health and the environment.

The measure, backed by conservatives and some advisers to President Donald Trump who have warned of “junk science,” would prevent the EPA from considering scientific research unless all methodological, technical and other information is publicly available. But critics fear the move would exclude such research as public-health studies containing anonymized patient data.

This political hack has no comprehension of scientific methods, requirements for accuracy and information. He’s dedicated his career to pimping for the rich and powerful. It matters not to him whether they are criminal or simply opportunist frauds – like him and his boss, the Fake President.

❝ “It’s a perfect catch-22,” Andrew Rosenberg, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Center for Science and Democracy, said. “You must protect the public health, but you can’t use public-health science to do it. Therefore, you don’t protect the public health…”

One thought on “Trump Flunkey wants use of science reduced by EPA staff

  1. Scum says:

    “Ex-coal lobbyist transforming EPA’s use of science”
    Self-described “junk science” fighter Steve Milloy, an attorney and former coal lobbyist whose work is reflected in the EPA’s proposed science transparency rule, said in an April 24 interview that the rule “covers pretty much everything I’ve been trying to do for the last 25 years.” And while Milloy said he was not intimately involved in writing it, his fingerprints are all over recent efforts at the EPA.
    Meanwhile at the Fish and Wildlife Service: “New Interior guidance prohibits telling developers Endangered Species Act permits are mandatory”

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