Paul Ryan shoves House Chaplain out the door

That’s Father Conroy on the right. Not far enough to the Right for Ryan.

❝ The chaplain of the House said on Thursday that he was blindsided when Speaker Paul D. Ryan asked him to resign two weeks ago, a request that he complied with but was never given a reason for.

The sudden resignation of the chaplain, the Rev. Patrick J. Conroy, shocked members of both parties. He had served in the role since he was nominated in 2011 by Speaker John A. Boehner, a fellow Catholic. In an interview, Father Conroy was categorical: His departure was not v chickened out on running for oluntary.

❝ “I was asked to resign, that is clear,” Father Conroy said. As for why, he added, “that is unclear.”

“I certainly wasn’t given anything in writing,” he said. “Catholic members on both sides are furious…”

❝ Father Conroy’s resignation is all the more contentious in Catholic circles because Mr. Ryan is a Catholic conservative, whereas Father Conroy is a Jesuit, a branch that is viewed by some as more liberal.

Even-handed fairness isn’t a strong suit among very many conservatives in Congress. Apparently, Ryan feels he can get away with truly royalist behavior now that he’s chickened out on running for the House, again.

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan shoves House Chaplain out the door

  1. AMDG says:

    House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) reversed course Thursday and agreed to keep the Rev. Patrick J. Conroy on as House chaplain after an extraordinary showdown that included the priest alleging anti-Catholic bias by Ryan’s chief of staff. Conroy, who was forced to step down by Ryan last month, sent the speaker a letter rescinding his resignation and vowing to remain until the end of the year. Within hours Ryan had backed down. Ryan defended his original decision and continued to question whether Conroy was delivering sufficient “pastoral services” to the entire House. “I intend to sit down with Father Conroy early next week so that we can move forward for the good of the whole House,” he said.
    Conroy issued a two-page letter early Thursday accusing Ryan’s chief of staff, Jonathan Burks, of anti-Catholic bias. Conroy spelled out in the most detail yet his April 13 confrontation with Burks that set the stage for his resignation days later. The priest asked why he was being forced out. “Maybe it’s time that we had a chaplain that wasn’t a Catholic,” Burks said, according to Conroy’s account.

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