6 thoughts on “Reality governs NRA Convention

  1. Guns Akimbo says:

    “Donald Trump’s NRA speech, fact-checked” http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2018/may/04/donald-trumps-nra-speech-fact-checked/
    “As the NRA holds its annual meeting in Dallas, Michel Martin talks about the NRA’s role with former NRA member Joe Plenzler, author and activist Charles Cobb, and firearms instructor Beth Alcazar.” (NPR 5/5/18) https://www.npr.org/2018/05/05/608802910/barbershop-nra-s-annual-meeting
    “NRA TV: Here’s What It’s Like To Stream It For Hours” https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/nra-tv/
    “The NRA Calls a Cease-Fire on Austin-Based Yeti Coolers : Stop blowing up your expensive coolers, says the firearms lobby.” (Texas Monthly) https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/nra-calls-cease-fire-austin-based-yeti-coolers/

  2. Update says:

    (April 26, 2019): President Donald Trump on Friday announced at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting that the United States will drop out of an international arms treaty signed in 2013 by then-President Barack Obama but opposed by the NRA and other conservative groups. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-nra-trump/trump-heeds-nra-decides-to-pull-us-out-of-un-arms-treaty-idUSKCN1S21RD
    “We’re taking our signature back,” Trump said to thousands of cheering attendees, many wearing red hats emblazoned with the Republican president’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. The NRA spent $30.3 million in support of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a group that tracks campaign spending.

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