A mind is a terrible thing to waste…

…especially on a fake president who is also missing honesty, intelligence, respect for human rights, an understanding of basic economics and fairness. Who is followed around by a loyal fan club of voters whose basic political precepts have been formed by so-called reality TV.

Bill Gates is not impressed. Neither was the majority of voters in our last presidential election. Shows you what gerrymandering can accomplish.

2 thoughts on “A mind is a terrible thing to waste…

  1. List of X says:

    Except, in the 2016 presidential elections, gerrymandering played no direct role, as it was the states’ borders, mostly set more 100 years ago, that allowed a minority to elect the president.
    (“No direct role”, since, indirectly, gerrymandering had probably been responsible for a few Republican-controlled state legislatures that passed voter ID and other voting restrictions that mostly prevented Democrats from voting.

    • eideard says:

      Broadly, gerrymandering also includes population size vs representation. Major differences between actually number of voters vs representation from state to state. When Canada – for example – setup jurisdiction for voting districts, they included closer standardization on representation vs population.

      The US is still trying to compensate rural slave owners from the 18th Century.

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