2 thoughts on “Absolutely insane – and very cool!

  1. Hop Harrigan says:

    Video posted on Facebook shows Franky Zapata, French jet ski champion and creator of the Flyboard Air, zipping around on small turbine jet engines, pirouetting over scrub brush, and chasing down a passing freight train. The Zapata Racing website offers a variety of models, including the Flyboard Air Exp, with six small engines, and the Flyboard Air UI, designed for the American ultralight market. Under the FAQs, Zapata’s company said his device can reach a speed of 140 km per hour, or about 87 miles per hour and a flight can last from six to 10 minutes. Zapata has taken it up to 150 meters (nearly 500 feet) and believes he could go higher.
    (PolitiFact 3/8/19)

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