AI System learned to master Rubik’s Cube in 44 hours

Meet DeepCube, an artificially intelligent system that’s as good at playing the Rubik’s Cube as the best human master solvers. Incredibly, the system learned to dominate the classic 3D puzzle in just 44 hours and without any human intervention.

“A generally intelligent agent must be able to teach itself how to solve problems in complex domains with minimal human supervision,” write the authors of the new paper, published online at the arXiv preprint server. Indeed, if we’re ever going to achieve a general, human-like machine intelligence, we’ll have to develop systems that can learn and then apply those learnings to real-world applications…

On the surface, the Rubik’s Cube may seem simple, but it offers a staggering number of possibilities. A 3x3x3 cube features a total “state space” of 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations (that’s 43 quintillion), but only one state space matters — that magic moment when all six sides of the cube are the same color. Many different strategies, or algorithms, exist for solving the cube. It took its inventor, Erno Rubik, an entire month to devise the first of these algorithms…

RTFA. Interesting stuff – and you may as well get used to the topic whether you’re ready or not. Your next job interview might be with an entity built on systems like this. 🙂

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