The Military-Industrial Complex is alive and well under Republican Control

GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe – “a new emphasis on defending America.”AP Photo

The Senate on Monday easily passed a $716 billion defense policy bill that aims to continue Republican-led efforts to build up the U.S. military but could set up a clash with defense hawks in the House over how best to do it.

The massive legislation would authorize more warships and fighter jets, more troops and the largest pay raise for them in nearly a decade, but in some cases it would still lag behind a House version passed in May and the Pentagon’s own designs.

Keep in mind taxpayer dollar$ already fund Pentagon featherbedding greater than the sum of the next seven countries’ spending. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, United Kingdom, and Japan combined.

Of a total $716 billion, the legislation would authorize $617.6 billion for the Pentagon base budget and $68.5 billion in war spending in the Overseas Contingency Operations account. It would authorize another $21.6 billion for nuclear weapons programs under the Energy Department.

If the DOD’s budget remained the same among other things it would have been possible to have funded public college for every student in the US and had $12B left over. That’s not how our Congressional war pimps organize their priorities. Colleges and students don’t prioritize kickbacks in dollar$ and job$ and campaign funding to politicians. Democrats aren’t exempt from condemnation. Just that Republicans would rather spend more time in bed with the death and destruction business.

4 thoughts on “The Military-Industrial Complex is alive and well under Republican Control

  1. Old Guy says:

    Republicans want to spend money for things we don’t need. So do democrats, just different things.
    So we continue down the road to default. That will bring things to a schreeching halt.

  2. moss says:

    In general, I give credence to the “plague on both their houses” meme. Mostly for the crap these two parties collaborate on. But, civil rights assurances, healthcare, education, all are issues that only get serious support from the Dems. Not necessarily competent leadership; but, significantly differing from the sophistry of Republicans.

    Here in New Mexico, we’ve had a Republican governor for the last eight years. Only because of Democrat incompetence, wardheeler mentality, predictable sleaze. That Republican governor calls herself the education governor. The heart of her campaign. Which delivered exactly zilch.

    Before she ran, we were last in the United States in educational achievements by any standard of measurement. After eight years – we are last in the United States.

  3. pay the piper says:

    “In the name of the fight against terrorism, the United States is currently waging “credit-card wars” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. Never before has this country relied so heavily on deficit spending to pay for its conflicts. The consequences are expected to be ruinous for the long-term fiscal health of the United States, but they go far beyond the economic.” “Massive levels of war-related debt will have lasting repercussions of all sorts. One potentially devastating effect, a new study finds, will be more societal inequality.”

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