Facebook PR Campaign says “Your info is safe, now” — WRONG!!

The Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed what wasn’t really a secret, that Facebook is harvesting a lot of user data and that the data is shared with others. The privacy breach revealed that Facebook wasn’t doing enough to protect your privacy and that developers like Cambridge Analytica could take your data and your Facebook friends’ data and use it for whatever they wanted.

Since these revelations, Facebook has been trying to convince everyone that it can be trusted, that it will take measures to stop these practices, that your privacy matters to the company. But while it was performing this massive PR campaign, a different quiz app that had as many as 120 million users left their data exposed for others to see. Facebook was warned about it and needed many weeks to address and fix it properly.

Depending on what quizzes you took, the javascript could leak your Facebook ID, first name, last name, language, gender, date of birth, profile picture, cover photo, currency, devices you use, when your information was last updated, your posts and statuses, your photos and your friends.

RTFA originally published by the hacker who revealed the privacy breach.

2 thoughts on “Facebook PR Campaign says “Your info is safe, now” — WRONG!!

  1. HAR says:

    “Facebook Discloses More Data Sharing Partnerships As the Hits Just Keep Coming” https://gizmodo.com/facebook-discloses-more-data-sharing-partnerships-as-th-1827273821 “…In the latest entry in the endless attempt at retroactive transparency, Facebook revealed to Congress that it shared data with 52 hardware and software companies, including some firms headquartered in China. The Wall Street Journal reported the information was part of a 747-page document dump the company dropped on lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee late Friday. The committee has since made public the document, which purports to answer at least in part some of the many questions Mark Zuckerberg was peppered with when he testified earlier this year.”
    See also “Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering Your Phone’s Mic When a Hidden Signal Plays on TV” https://gizmodo.com/facebook-patent-imagines-triggering-your-phone-s-mic-wh-1827176182

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