Scientists confirm Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Click to enlargeESA/Hubble & NASA

❝ A new study validates Einstein’s theory of general relativity in a distant galaxy for the first time.

This study supports our current understanding of gravity and provides more evidence for the existence of dark matter and dark energy — two mysterious concepts that scientists know about only indirectly by observing their effects on cosmic objects.

❝ Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, published in 1916, explains how gravity is the result of a concept known as the fabric of space-time. Simply put, the theory predicts how much the mass of an object — in this case, a galaxy — curves space-time…

RTFA. Spend a few minutes thinking about a topic that supersedes all the bigotry and greed that frames so much of our lives. The scientific search for verifiable fact really is a driving force in where our species can grow to and thrive. If our politicians don’t kill us first.

4 thoughts on “Scientists confirm Einstein’s theory of general relativity

  1. Old Guy says:

    I am more worried about all the plastic and other toxins infiltrating our lives than the politicians. But I guess the politics have a control over the other.

  2. Update says:

    Scientists have finally seen the backside of a black hole and in doing so, they’ve proved that a 1915 theory posited by Albert Einstein was correct.
    Einstein’s 1915 Theory of General Relativity predicted that the gravitational pull of black holes is so large that black holes warp the fabric of space, according to The Telegraph. His theory posited that this extremely massive gravitational pull was so massive that it twists magnetic fields and bends lightwaves near black holes.
    As reported by The Telegraph, a new Nature report proves Einstein’s theory correct.
    Nature: “Light bending and X-ray echoes from behind a supermassive black hole”

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