Which employer will be screwed the most by Trump’s trade policies?

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Our dipsh*t fake president is trying his hardest to increase the price of consumer goods to American working folks. No need to repeat his lies and rationales for policy and plunder. True Believers will ignore any attempt at clarity. Americans with some understanding of what globalized economics means for consumer scale and income already know what I’m talking about.

I just wanted to offer this map – and a “Thank You” to Barry Ritholtz for offering it in his newsletter – to illustrate where families in this nation go to shop. You can figure out what will happen if our proto-fascist-in-charge gets his way. Costs rise. Prices rise. Folks who can afford that the least have the most to lose. And the company whose business model is focussed deeply on that demographic – will be the conduit from the White House to our wallets.

2 thoughts on “Which employer will be screwed the most by Trump’s trade policies?

  1. 3rdWorld says:

    List of 50 largest employers in New Mexico (select an employer name to learn more). https://www.careerinfonet.org/oview6.asp?id=&soccode=&stfips=35&from=State&nodeid=12
    The University of New Mexico Board of Regents is the state’s largest employer with 12,000 employees – UNM itself is fourth on the list with another 5,566.
    Reportedly the university has a $4.7 million deficit (in FY 2015 UNM’s 22 athletic programs cost $9.9 million)
    Nearly one-third of children in New Mexico live in poverty, the highest rate in the nation https://www.nmvoices.org/archives/6332 See also New Mexico Poverty Report (2017) https://talkpoverty.org/state-year-report/new-mexico-2017-report/

  2. Bendover says:

    President Donald Trump escalated the trade war with China on Tuesday with the release more than $200 billion worth of Chinese exports to the US that could be subject to new tariffs.
    As opposed to previous tariffs, which focused mostly on industrial goods, the roughly 200-page list runs the gamut — from consumer products to food to industrial chemicals. This means American consumers are likely to notice any potential price increases right away. http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-china-tariff-list-goods-2018-7

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