Will politicians allow lab-grown meat to be called meat?

Not a silly question. Living in a nation where people willingly pay extra to buy gluten-free cheese, gluten-free nuts, gluten-free water – the naming of commercially available foods is part of Western capitalist religion.

❝ After centuries of a veritable monopoly, meat might have finally met its match. The challenger arises not from veggie burgers or tofu or seitan, but instead from labs where animal cells are being cultured and grown up into slabs that mimic (or, depending on whom you ask, mirror) meat. It currently goes by many names—in-vitro meat, cultured meat, lab-grown mean, clean meat—and it might soon be vying for a spot in the cold case next to more traditionally made fare. To put it bluntly: the kind that comes from living animals, slaughtered for food.

❝ Cultured-meat manufacturers like Just Inc. and Memphis Meats are hoping to provide consumers with meat that is just like its predecessor, that tastes and looks and feels and smells exactly the same as something you might get in stores today but will be more sustainable. Whether that will turn out to be true won’t be clear for some time. But there’s another, more immediate battle heating up between the cattle industry and these new entrants into the meaty ring. So buckle up and put on your wonkiest hat, because the labeling war is about to begin.

Want to complain about a telecom company? – Republicans rule that, first, you fork over $225

❝ The Federal Communications Commission today voted 3-1 to stop reviewing informal consumer complaints about telecom companies. To get an FCC review of a company’s bad behavior, a consumer will have to file a formal complaint—which requires a payment of $225 to the FCC.

Even if an ISP fails to respond to a customer’s informal complaint, the FCC would not review the complaint until after a consumer pays $225 and goes through the formal complaint process…

❝ But the decision was panned by FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, the commission’s only Democrat, who said the FCC has reviewed informal complaints in the past.

This is bonkers,” she said at today’s meeting. “No one should be asked to pay $225 for this agency to do its job. No one should see this agency close its doors to everyday consumers looking for assistance in a marketplace that can be bewildering to navigate. There are so many people who think Washington is not listening to them and that the rules at agencies like this one are rigged against them—and today’s decision only proves that point.”

It should only take the average Trump-chump a decade or so to realize they were played by a sleazy hustler. Everything he said he was out to change – mostly he has made worse, more profitable for his fellow rip-off artists, more difficult for ordinary citizens.

But, hey, there still are people who miss Nixon.