7 thoughts on “Crimelords rendezvous in Finland

  1. Footnote says:

    At one point during the 1985 Geneva Summit, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev took a break from negotiations to take a walk. Only their private interpreters were present and for years, the details of what they talked about were kept secret from both the Russian and American public. But during a 2009 interview with Charlie Rose and Reagan’s Secretary of State George Shultz, Gorbachev revealed that Reagan asked him point-blank if they could set aside their differences in case the world was invaded by aliens.

  2. WAR IS PEACE says:

    Trump fundamentally undermines NATO, says ‘aggressive’ Montenegro could attack Russia to start World War III http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-montenegro-nato-fox-news-interview-2018-7 “…Suggesting Montenegro could start a world war through aggression because of NATO, however, misconstrues the way Article 5 works. If Montenegro, a country with just over 620,000 people, started a war with Russia, it could not invoke Article 5 and require US involvement because it would not be an attack on a NATO member but rather an attack from a NATO member.
    Earlier this year, Montenegro reportedly pledged more troops to help fight the US-led war in Afghanistan. Before joining NATO, Montenegro assisted in Afghanistan’s reconstruction efforts for nearly eight years.
    At the same time, Montenegro has indeed had tensions with Russia, with the small country experiencing what it has described as an attempt by Russian nationalists to kill its prime minister in 2016.
    Describing NATO countries as “aggressive” for engaging in legitimate defense of their homeland is a hallmark of Russian messaging in its opposition against the alliance.”

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