Giuliani says Michael Cohen Has Been Warned To Keep His Mouth Shut

Puppet & Buffoon…which is which?

❝ President Donald Trump’s legal team has warned his former fixer, Michael Cohen, to stop speaking out and violating lawyer-client confidentiality, the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani told ABC News Saturday.

The warning comes just six days after Trump’s team waived lawyer-client privilege concerning a recorded conversation between Cohen and his former boss apparently about a payment to former Playboy model who has said she and Trump had a long-running affair…

❝ Giuliani “expressly waived attorney-client privilege last week and repeatedly and inaccurately — as proven by the tape — talked and talked about the recording, forfeiting all confidentiality,” Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis said.

We seem to be witnessing an incompetent thug represented by an incompetent lawyer. Trump and Rudy don’t even keep up with each other’s lies.