Medicare For All Saves Trillion$

Says who? The Koch Brothers…

A new report – from an unlikely source – now underscores the obvious truths about medical care for all, one of the most troubling underlying issues of the day and certainly for November’s mid-term elections. The libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center report lays out the overall costs of medical care for the country over the next decade or so and tries to deal intelligently with getting that overall cost under better control.

In the report, the author attempts to roughly score Sen. Bernie Sanders’ most recent Medicare for All bill and reached the somewhat surprising (for Mercatus) conclusion that if the bill were enacted the new costs would be more than offset by the new savings it generates through administrative efficiencies and reductions in unit prices…Along the way, 30 million additional Americans would be covered while saving billions of dollars.

RTFA. No doubt conservatives and libertarians are embarrassed by math and facts getting in the way of ideology. That hasn’t stopped from otherwise doing their damndest to interfere with working folks trying to reorder the politics of our society to better provide for a healthy and equitable life.

One thought on “Medicare For All Saves Trillion$

  1. Puzzling Evidence™ says:

    Re: The Cost of ‘Medicare-for-All’ as described in “The Costs of a National Single-Payer Healthcare System,” published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
    According to, A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center, the author of the paper, Charles Blahous, a senior research strategist at the Mercatus Center who once was the deputy director of President Bush’s National Economic Council, says proponents of a universal health care system are distorting the findings of his paper. Blahous also stated that his work is not influenced by any donors to the Mercatus Center, which according to has received millions of dollars in donations from the Koch brothers. Charles Koch also sits on the center’s board of directors.

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