Drive-thru confessional helps prepare for the Pope’s visit to Ireland

❝ SIN TO WIN Paddy Power erect giant drive-thru confession box in Dublin ahead of Pope Francis’ arrival on Irish soil…It allows motorists to confess their sins in a timely manner so they can attend the mass without any Catholic guilt

❝ The huge confessional is situated on Conyngham Road near the Phoenix Park entrance.

❝ The box is 13 metres wide and 12 metres high – ensuring it is big enough to withstand the full spectrum of sin…

Pope Francis is set to grace Irish soil this weekend with crowds of around 500,000 expected for his open-air mass in the Phoenix Park.

Same as it ever was. Christians can always count on being “forgiven” if they play by the rules of one or another incorporated representative of their god.

One thought on “Drive-thru confessional helps prepare for the Pope’s visit to Ireland

  1. Mick says:

    “Fight for forensic excavation on 796 Tuam Babies mass grave” (Mar 8, 2018)
    “…People Before Profit TD Mrs Smith was speaking as it emerged almost 70% of children at another mother and baby facility in Co Cork died in a single year.
    There may be more mass graves at more than a dozen other sites which also had appalling child mortality rates of over four times the national average.” (2017)
    “The Lost Children of Tuam” (New York Times Oct. 2017) “Ireland Wanted to Forget. But the Dead Don’t Always Stay Buried.”

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