Brexit may leave the Brits with a sperm shortage

A curious fact emerged in the pile of technical documents the U.K. government put together should it crash out of the European Union without a deal: a shortage of sperm.

It came to light that the country imports donated sperm, primarily from commercial sperm banks in the U.S. (4,000 samples) and Denmark (3,000 samples). This detail was included in the document dealing with the quality and safety of organs if there’s no Brexit deal.


There’s a hole in the floor

❝ Art can sometimes play tricks on the mind thanks to optical illusions, although rarely does this kind of art put anyone in real danger…But one art installation did, as a man visiting the Fundação de Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto, Portugal on Aug. 13 accidentally fell into the work of famed artist Anish Kapoor titled Descent Into Limbo — which features a hole in the ground made to look like a mere spot on the floor.

❝ The visitor — reportedly an Italian man in his 60s — allegedly wanted to see if the void was indeed just that and subsequently fell about eight feet to the bottom of the installation. To the illusion’s credit, there were multiple caution signs set up around the piece as well as a guard tasked with keeping visitors away from the hole…

❝ Kapoor won the exclusive rights to the world’s darkest material in 2016, as according to the company, Vantablack “requires specialist application to achieve its aesthetic effect… the coating’s performance beyond the visible spectrum results in it being classified as a dual-use material that is subject to UK Export Control…”

By using Vantablack for Descent Into Limbo, Kapoor was able to completely eliminate any visible depth in the piece. No curves nor contours are visible — all the eye sees is nothingness.

Draw whatever conclusions you may – political or otherwise – about the usefulness of this substance. Way cool!