Remember McCain – Fake President Obviously Doesn’t

Screen Grab from MSNBC-TV News

Flags at Washington Monument remain at half staff honoring the late John McCain.

Meanwhile, the Fake President has the White House flag returned to top as soon as regs allowed. Real concern (NOT) for military veterans?

Thanks @SRuhle

By the end of the day, reason prevailed among enough White House hacks to push King Combover into enacting the sort of order – automatic for Obama or either Bush – that put the American flag back at half staff for John McCain.

2 thoughts on “Remember McCain – Fake President Obviously Doesn’t

  1. Memento mori says:

    “Washington Mourned John McCain. President Trump Played Golf.” (NYT) “In the many discussions about how to mark his life that Mr. McCain had with his staff and family before he died, he had made clear he did not want Mr. Trump to participate in anything they planned. So as Mr. McCain was eulogized in the presence of much of the American political establishment, Mr. Trump, pointedly uninvited, engaged in what by now is a familiar weekend routine. He sent a series of angry tweets aimed at some political adversaries, then left the White House to play a round of golf at his resort in Virginia.
    “This is the scandal here — a police state,” the president wrote, quoting a conservative commentator about a purported conspiracy to spy on Mr. Trump, as Mr. McCain’s coffin was carried into the cathedral.”

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