Fake President Lies About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

❝ Trump’s fond of talking about jobs, jobs, jobs, and how they’re “pouring” back into the country and being created in record numbers.

❝ A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is a non-starter: 190k/month versus 190k/month. Despite massive deregulation, tax cuts (and a ballooning deficit), walking away from any number of treaties, various trade wars and tariffs. The net results over the following year and a half has been . . . no change.

I guess “Keep American Jobs The Exact Same it Was Under Obama” was too long to fit on a hat . . .

Our fake president’s lies seem simplistic, easy to verify as crap…because he isn’t capable of anything truly creative. Including his lies.

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz


❝ As of July 31, more than 25,000 firefighters are committed to 140 wildfires across the United States—over a million acres aflame. Eight people are dead in California, tens of thousands evacuated, smoke and pyroclastic clouds are visible from space. And all any fire scientist knows for sure is, it only gets worse from here. How much worse? Where? For whom? Experience can’t tell them. The scientists actually are uncertain.

❝ Scientists who help policymakers plan for the future used to make an assumption. They called it stationarity, and the idea was that the extremes of environmental systems—rainfall, river levels, hurricane strength, wildfire damage—obeyed prior constraints. The past was prologue. Climate change has turned that assumption to ash…

❝ Wildfires were always part of a complex system. Climate change—carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases raising the overall temperature of the planet—added to the complexity. The implications of that will play out for millennia. “On top of that is interaction between the climate system, the ecosystem, and how we manage our land use,” Westerling says. “That intersection is very complex, and even more difficult to predict. When I say there’s no new normal, I mean it. The climate will be changing with probably an accelerating pace for the rest of the lives of everyone who is alive today.”

Fools who voted for Trump not only fooled themselves – they have condemned their children, grandchildren and generations to come to the new holocaust.