Why are reporters leaving Fox News?

Adam HousleyRichard Shotwell/Invision/AP

❝ Another on-air reporter is leaving Fox News over frustrations with the direction and tone of the network, the second in the last three weeks to defect for those reasons.

Adam Housley, a Los Angeles-based reporter who joined Fox in 2001, felt there was diminished opportunity at the network for reporters and disapproved of the tenor of its on-air discussion…

❝ Housley believed that as the network’s focus on Trump has grown — and the number of talking-head panels during news shows proliferated — it had become difficult to get hard reporting on air, according to one of those former employees.

Housley’s objections to the Trump-era Fox News are widely shared within the network’s reporting corps, according to current and former employees of the network. Conor Powell, the former Fox News Jerusalem bureau reporter, left the network earlier this month for similar reasons…

I’m a news junkie for decades. Never had the slightest inclination to waste time at Fox News. Too many other legitimate sources available on the Web.

5 thoughts on “Why are reporters leaving Fox News?

  1. Foxy Lady says:

    “Fox News Anchor Slams Trump: The Only Good News About Him Is Fake News” (Haaretz, Israel 8/30/18) “The Fox News anchor also stated that Trump doesn’t like the news in general, not the people who deliver it or the platforms on which they receive it.”

  2. nicknielsensc says:

    I was an avid reader and follower of much of the U.S.media for years. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, I absorbed it all. They reserved a seat for me at the library!

    When I retired from the USAF, I discovered the primary English-language news sources (AP, Reuters, BBC, etc.) were on the web, and the foreign language news wires had translate links. Turned off the television and haven’t looked back.

  3. DARB says:

    One comment and a question
    Comment: I have heard and it logically makes sense that the deceased owner and the retired owner were staunch conservatives, and the sons that recently took over are left leaning liberals. That would change the tone of any news organization.

    Question: You mention many other legitimate sources without naming them. Who are these legitimate other sources? Isn’t that kinda like doing a white paper and on the bottom where all the footnotes and credits go you just write because I said so?

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