2 thoughts on “There was Senator McCain’s funeral…and, then, there was Trump

  1. Down the Fairway says:

    “How many times has Trump played golf as President of the United States? Since taking office on Jan. 20, 2017, Mr. Trump has reportedly been on the grounds of his golf courses or played golf elsewhere 154 times since becoming President, and that’s as of Sept. 1, 2018.” (Golf News Net 9/2/18) https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2018/09/02/how-many-times-president-donald-trump-played-golf-in-office-103836/ “The cost of Trump’s golf rounds to the American taxpayer varies by round and course, but it has totaled so far in the tens of millions of dollars.
    Trump has spent nearly 25 percent of his days in office at one of his golf properties for some portion of the day. There have been days where Trump has visited one of his golf clubs and not played golf.”
    See also NBC News: “Tracking President Trump’s Visits to Trump Properties” https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/how-much-time-trump-spends-trump-properties-mar-lago-n753366

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