3 thoughts on “Let me tell you ladies what’s best for you!

  1. Linda Boreman says:

    “Scientist Whose Male Boss Won Nobel For Her Work Is Giving New $3 Million Prize Away :
    Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is creating a scholarship for women, refugees and minorities to study physics.” https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/scientist-whose-male-boss-won-nobel-for-her-work-is-giving-new-3-million-prize-away_us_5b92bf90e4b0511db3e20987 “Bell Burnell, a Quaker whose religion teaches simple living, claims she doesn’t need to have an extravagant lifestyle. “I don’t want or need the money myself and it seemed to me that this was perhaps the best use I could put to it,” Bell Burnell told the BBC.
    The award honors Bell Burnell for her discovery of pulsars ― neutron stars that emit electromagnetic radiation from their poles. These rapidly spinning radiation beams sweep past the Earth at regular intervals. The award also recognizes her “inspiring scientific leadership over the last five decades” according to a press release.
    Bell Burnell first noticed pulsars during a routine data collection in 1967, with the help of a radio telescope she was in charge of monitoring at Cambridge. Her supervisor, Antony Hewish, ended up winning a Nobel prize for the discovery.”

  2. Lysistrata says:

    “Miss Michigan calls out Flint water crisis in Miss America intro” (Detroit Free Press 9/9/18) https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/09/09/miss-michigan-flint-water-crisis-miss-america-pageant/1252739002/ “Miss Michigan didn’t shy away from politics at Sunday night’s Miss America pageant. The Grass Lake resident introduced herself by saying, “From the state with 84% of the U.S. freshwater but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma.”
    Earlier on Friday, during the last preliminary stage of the competition, Madeline Collins, Miss West Virginia, was asked about what she felt was the most serious issue facing the nation. According to the AP, she replied, “Donald Trump is the biggest issue our country faces. Unfortunately he has caused a lot of division in our country.” Contestants’ responses are limited to 20 seconds, so Collins did not add any other details. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2018/09/07/miss-america-contestant-says-president-trump-has-caused-division/1230548002/

  3. Mixed-up says:

    “A Word to the Wives” (1955) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=q7EN8CkMY0A (See synopsis under ‘show more’).
    “Features appliances and equipment from Republic Steel Kitchens, Caloric, Whirlpool, Ruud Manufacturing Company, and The Formica Company. Promotes an all-gas kitchen and laundry. American Gas Association offered prints of this film for sale to gas utilities to help them coax builders to incorporate kitchens into their new homes. Producer: Telamerica, Inc. Sponsor: American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, and The Woman’s Home Companion”

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