America’s religions decline – Surprised?

❝ …the number of religiously unaffiliated adults has increased by roughly 19 million since 2007. There are now approximately 56 million religiously unaffiliated adults in the U.S., and this group – sometimes called religious “nones” – is more numerous than either Catholics or mainline Protestants, according to the new survey. Indeed, the unaffiliated are now second in size only to evangelical Protestants among major religious groups in the U.S.

Things change. Often our understanding does, as well.

“FEAR” already “Sold Out!” at Amazon – Woodward’s book about the Trump White House said it is working to restock shipments and fulfill orders for Bob Woodward’s “Fear” after the book sold out shortly after its Tuesday release.

Company officials said the title, which details a chaotic Trump administration in which staffers undermine the president, will be available through Kindle and audio books while they wait for new shipments of hardcovers. According to the website, shoppers can get it as early as Sept. 26.

Har! Trump will mess his shorts when he hears this on Faux News.

Republican candidate for Florida Governor loves his white supremacist bubbas

People call me pea-brain. It really is this small!Saul Loeb/AFP

❝ Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), the gubernatorial nominee who was recently accused of using racially charged language, has a track record of speaking at events organized by a conservative activist who has been labeled an “anti-black” extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

DeSantis has spoken at least four times at conferences organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center according to The Washington Post…The center’s namesake, David Horowitz, has previously asserted that black people owe their freedom to white people and that the “real race war” in the U.S. is against white people.

Horowitz also referred to former President Barack Obama as an “anti-American radical” who he accused of being “a pretend Christian in the same way he’s a pretend American,” in an August 2014 interview on Today’s Issues. “I’m actually sure he’s a Muslim,” Horowitz said at the time, accusing the former president of driving an agenda “to defeat America…”

❝ The SPLC has said that the events organized and sponsored by the DHFC “range from single day presentations given by anti-Muslim fearmongers in Horowitz’s network to extravagant weekend getaways that convene government officials with far-right thought leaders and activists.”

And on and on. Individually, you might find some reason other than pure and simple[minded] American-style racism as rationale for some of this. Collectively, the pattern is typical – every bigot can count on to be recognized by their racist peers. RTFA if you feel you need the exposure.