Roubini Warns of ‘Perfect Storm’ for U.S. Economy in 2020

Not exactly a surprise. Supply-side “solutions” used to justify tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy have never resulted in anything other than recession. Roubini explains his analysis more clearly and thoroughly than I might. Watch the video. Bloomberg has blocked linking directly; but, you can click through to YouTube.

Yes, Roubini’s a conservative economist. In this instance, his prediction of doom and gloom is founded on the track record of Republicans who try this every decade or so – and fail each time.

2 thoughts on “Roubini Warns of ‘Perfect Storm’ for U.S. Economy in 2020

  1. Daniel 5:5 says:

    “The coronavirus-led economic recession may be over, but the depression has barely begun :
    Working people, small businesses and local governments need more income now, or other dominoes will fall”
    “Second stimulus checks still a conversation, not yet guaranteed”
    “Coronavirus mortgage bailouts suddenly swell as homeowners face new struggles”
    “Due to the coronavirus recession and record levels of unemployment, nearly 3 million auto loans are currently in some sort of deferment program, according to a recent data released by credit reporting agency TransUnion.”

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