2 thoughts on “Recalling the 1968 uprising in Paris…Tariq Ali and Angela Davis

  1. Fox News says:

    President Trump taunted French President Emmanuel Macron as France was burning in the wake of violent protests across the country on Saturday where an army of Yellow Vests demanded the president’s head. https://www.foxnews.com/world/french-yellow-vest-protesters-tear-gassed-in-violent-clashes-with-riot-police-in-paris The French interior minister estimated there were 10,000 yellow vest protesters in Paris on Saturday, among some 125,000 protesters around the country. The Yellow Vests were calling for Macron’s resignation after a series of unpopular decisions, including the now-abandoned gas tax and cutting the taxes on the rich, and the ever-increasing living costs, while the economy continues to struggle.
    The Yellow Vest movement has inspired people in the Netherlands and Belgium, where protesters hit the streets on Saturday in Amsterdam and Brussels respectively, objecting to excessive taxation.

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