10 thoughts on “Lincoln left the party long ago

  1. Epitaph says:

    “The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” Abraham Lincoln, notes for Speeches at Columbus and Cincinnati.September 16 and 17, 1859.

  2. Abandon ship says:

    “The Republican Party Abandons Conservatism” Eliot A. Cohen, Professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University (The Atlantic 9/30/18) https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/09/republican-party-conservative/571747/ “…There has always been a dark side to American conservatism, much of it originating in the antebellum curse of a society, large parts of which favored slavery and the extermination of America’s native population, the exclusion of immigrants from American life, and discrimination against Catholics and Jews. Many of us had hoped that the civil-rights achievements of the mid-20th century (in which Republicans were indispensable partners), changing social norms regarding women, and rising levels of education had eliminated the germs that produced secession, lynching, and Indian massacres. Instead, those microbes simply went into dormancy, and now, in the presence of Trump, erupt again like plague buboes—bitter, potent, and vile.”

  3. Cold and dead says:

    “What would the 16th president have thought of the 45th? Beyond pure speculation, we can find clues in Lincoln’s first formal speech, “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions,” in which he criticized attacks on the free press and warned against a future demagogue who would threaten the fragile American experiment.
    On Jan. 27, 1838, mounting the podium before the Springfield Lyceum for Young Men in Illinois, the 29-year-old Lincoln, a member of the Illinois Legislature, described the “mobocratic spirit.”
    Lincoln began by decrying a spate of recent crimes that reduced the rule of law to “the caprice of a mob,” including the lynching of a black prisoner in St. Louis. “Having ever regarded Government as their deadliest bane, they make a jubilee of the suspension of its operations; and pray for nothing so much, as its total annihilation.” He also condemned the “bands of hundreds and thousands” who “throw printing presses into rivers, shoot editors” – which everyone in the audience would have recognized as a reference to the Lovejoy case.
    On Nov. 6, 1837, in Alton, Ill., Elijah P. Lovejoy, an antislavery editor, was murdered by a group of men who stormed his warehouse to destroy his printing press.” (LA Times 7/13/18) http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-blumenthal-lincoln-trump-20170713-story.html
    See Lincoln’s Lyceum address at http://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/speeches/lyceum.htm also re: Elijah Parish Lovejoy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah_Parish_Lovejoy

  4. Means justify means says:

    “GOP shrugs at Trump’s involvement in Cohen crimes” https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/10/politics/michael-cohen-congress-republicans/index.html Sen. Orrin Hatch, the retiring Utah Republican and most-senior GOP senator, strongly dismissed the federal government’s allegations that Trump committed two crimes saying “I don’t care, all I can say is he’s doing a good job as President.”
    “Mussolini may have done many brutal and tyrannical things; he may have destroyed human freedom in Italy; he may have murdered and tortured citizens whose only crime was to oppose Mussolini; but ‘one had to admit’ one thing about the Dictator: he ‘made the trains run on time.’ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/loco-motive/

  5. CHRIZZART says:

    “Trump claims ‘nobody ever heard’ Abraham Lincoln was a Republican until he pointed it out” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-abraham-lincoln-president-doral-golf-resort-venezuela-a9613666.html
    “The US president’s improbable claim came during a round table discussion on Venezuela at his Doral golf resort in Florida, in which he largely ignored the issue of the South American country and instead praised his administration’s handling of a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 135,000 Americans.”

  6. Footnote says:

    “…The GOP is a not a collective babe in the woods led astray by a Big, Bad Orange Wolf. That such a repulsive company of anti-science, anti-intellectual hooligans as those mentioned above are the face of the Republican Party can only mean that the party has chosen aforethought to take the path through the briars of conspiracy, lies, untruths and authoritarianism.
    All their palaver about personal rights and liberty notwithstanding, the GQP are intent on enacting a regime of some bizarre and terrifying hybrid of libertarianism, anarchy and fascist authoritarianism wherein the population is left to its own resources, unassisted and unaided by a government which is wholly unresponsive to the needs or wishes of the people.
    The Party of Lincoln is dead but it refuses to be buried. It refuses to be interred in sanctified ground. The GQP is a zombie hungering for brains and power.” https://www.palmerreport.com/community/the-mar-a-lago-zombie-fest/38068/

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