Kim Jong Un put a spell on our Fake President

Getty Images

President Donald Trump says he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love” after the North Korean leader wrote him “beautiful letters” and characterized the U.S. as having “a very good relationship” with North Korea.

The president’s comments, at a political rally Saturday night in Wheeling, W.Va., came just hours after a North Korean official said talks between the countries had deadlocked. The U.S. wants North Korea to dismantle its nuclear-arms program.

“Without any trust in the U.S., there will be no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances, there is no way we will unilaterally disarm ourselves first,” North Korea’s foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, told the U.N. General Assembly earlier Saturday.

Bonus: Pretty solid recording of Screaming Jay Hawkins’ “I put a spell on you!”

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un put a spell on our Fake President

  1. 남이야 says:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of President Trump’s closest Senate allies, on Wednesday criticized the president’s recent rhetoric toward North Korea and expressed concern about ongoing negotiations on North Korea’s denuclearization.
    “I’m worried that North Korea’s dividing us from South Korea. I’m worried that we’re being played here. Now I’m telling you, President Trump, enough with ‘I love you,’ ” he said while speaking at the Atlantic Festival.
    “From my point of view, this love crap has to stop. There’s nothing to love about Kim Jong Un,” the senator added.
    Graham’s comments were in reference to statements Trump made at a rally in West Virginia on Saturday in which he praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

  2. 38N says:

    (Oct 4, 2018) Recent commercial satellite imagery of the Sohae Satellite Launching Station (“Tongchang-ri”), North Korea’s main space launch facility, indicates that despite dismantlement pledges formalized in the recent Pyongyang Declaration, no additional activity has been observed at either the vertical engine test stand or the launch pad since August 3. Based on available information, the lack of activity could be for a number of reasons—for example, North Korea may be waiting to arrange a visit of international observers or for the results of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s upcoming visit—and should not be interpreted as meaning that Pyongyang will not follow through on its pledge.” includes satellite images

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