Texas coppers seize sign depicting GOP elephant groping a girl with its trunk

❝ Texas police have seized a political lawn sign that showed a GOP elephant with its trunk up a girl’s dress and the message: “Your Vote Matters.”…

❝ Homeowner Marion Stanford, who made the sign, said she was stunned at the involvement of police in her town of Hamilton, 100 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

“Here we have a political party that is using women,” Stanford told The Dallas Morning News last week. “I thought the sign represented what is going on now, and we can’t just stand quiet. I wanted to tell people we could stop it with voting.”…

Legal experts told the Dallas newspaper that police likely violated Stanford’s First Amendment rights.

“I stand with those women. I stand with the women who want change, who have a voice and are making their voice heard,” Stanford told The Washington Post…

Apparently, one of Texas’ creepier Republican politicians called the coppers. He was offended. Hey, how would you expect your local coppers to respond? Who do you think they would listen to? Do they know there are more than gun rights in the US Constitution

2 thoughts on “Texas coppers seize sign depicting GOP elephant groping a girl with its trunk

  1. angrymanspeaks says:

    Hey. Long time no contact. My fault. I wanted to say that we should reproduce that sign and display it on every Democrats lawn or at least on every democratic socialist’s lawn. To show support for this Texas hero and demonstrate that stomping on the first ammendment will only come back to bite capitalist elephant in the heal. Either that or we better all learn to goose-step.

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