Unraveling the mystery of dark matter

Routine maintenance with liquid nitrogen

❝ In an otherwise unassuming facility in northern Seattle, a supercooled tangle of tubes and wires is poised to remake the world. Coursing with liquid helium, the device’s interior hovers less than a tenth of a degree above absolute zero, the coldest possible temperature. Inside the frigid cavity, carefully shielded from noise, microwave radiation can resonate like sound waves in a bell, hunting for hints of particles whizzing through that, in all other contexts, would be invisible.

Meet the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment, or ADMX: the most sensitive scientific instrument of its kind ever built. If ADMX confirms the existence of its prey, a theoretical particle called the axion, it could finally explain the massive cosmic mystery of dark matter.

Chumps keep voting for dullards, preachers keep calling the faithful to fork it over, corporate cosmeticians guarantee to make us all happier than the average myth…while those dedicated to learning more about measurable, verifiable reality keep at it.