TWITTER bans bots pimping Saudi propaganda

❝ Anyone who tweeted about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the past two weeks saw major pushback on Twitter from accounts in Saudi Arabia. But that could slow down in the coming days. Twitter has now reportedly banned an unspecified number of alleged bots that were pushing pro-Saudi propaganda.

The revelation comes from an NBC News report about the “hundreds of accounts that tweeted and retweeted the same pro-Saudi government tweets at the same time.” But Twitter doesn’t get all the credit for spotting the bot network. The accounts were first spotted by IT specialist Josh Russell, whose work was shared with the social media giant via spreadsheet.

❝ Khashoggi, a Saudi national and permanent resident of the U.S., became an exile from Saudi Arabia not for his criticism of the Saudi royal family but because he criticized President Trump shortly after he was elected president in November of 2016. Khashoggi had questioned Trump’s close relationship to Russia and what that would mean for America’s alliances in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia banned Khashoggi from writing and making TV appearances in the country in deference to the American president.

Just in case you haven’t noticed any of our fearless journalists explaining why Khashoggi was exiled and then murdered.

6 thoughts on “TWITTER bans bots pimping Saudi propaganda

  1. Ed Bernays says:
  2. Night and fog says:

    “Spies in Silicon Valley: Twitter Breach Tied to Saudi Dissident Arrests : Access of internal data by Twitter employees in 2015 presaged the disappearance of Saudi dissidents”
    “Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars on digital espionage and hacking the accounts of human rights defenders, critics, and opponents,” said Gamal Eid, executive director of the Egypt-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

    • eideard says:

      No doubt, I’ve said this before: Alain Resnais is my absolute favorite director of all time. Bar none. (What I get for trying to think while watching Champions League on the telly at the same time)

      Favorite writer remains his “brother-in-arms”, Alain Robbe-Grillet.

      • eideard says:

        Helen reminds me I haven’t worked at reviewing, evaluating the analyses that provoked opinions I settled on in the period ~1955-1980. Some have changed, some concretized/affirmed by events historic, near and far. The course of civilization on this sub-par ball of elemental mud hasn’t provoked more. I haven’t felt much of any need to challenge the remainders.

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