Is Ryan Zinke corrupt, incompetent, or both?

Trump’s flunkey running the Department of the Interior falls over his own feet more often than Gerald Ford ever did…building his collection of political screw-ups.

Believe it or not, not everyone pays as much attention to goings on at the Department of the Interior as we do. But you know what will get mainstream media to pay attention? A tale as good as this one.

Emily Atkin, from The New Republic, did a great job providing a timeline:

The best part is the incident kicking off the independent Inspector General’s investigation into corrupt practices by Ryan Zinke.


New Interior Dept IG report says Secretary Zinke sought to designate his wife an agency volunteer to obtain free, taxpayer-funded travel and that he neglected to get permission from ethics officials when he took campaign donors on a boat trip.…

The report revealed that Interior spent $25,000 to send a security detail on vacation with Ryan and Lola Zinke when they traveled.

Our Fake President is NOT draining the swamp, he’s digging a quagmire of stupidity, corruption and incompetence that will take American taxpayers years to pay off.

7 thoughts on “Is Ryan Zinke corrupt, incompetent, or both?

  1. 4theRecord says:

    In the wake of the Interior Department’s bizarre “botched fake-sacking” of its inspector general Outside’s Christopher Solomon highlights another troubling item – the agency routinely ducking Senate confirmation for its top decision-makers by appointing “acting” chiefs.
    See also: “Oil and Gas Development on Federal Lands” (Energy & Natural Resources Oct 27, 2018)

  2. Update says:

    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department has been referred an investigation into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, raising the possibility for criminal charges, according to the Washington Post and CNN. The probe was one of several the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General had opened into allegations that Zinke, who heads the agency, used his office for personal gain.

  3. Gotcha says:

    “Industry Influence at the DOI: Five Takeaways From Our Investigation”
    “This week, in partnership with the Guardian, Pacific Standard published a sweeping story detailing writer Jimmy Tobias’ findings from a trove of Department of Interior (DOI) documents. The hundreds of pages of correspondence and calendars that Tobias reviewed reveal the extent to which top officials at the DOI have prioritized extractive industry interests over conservation.”

  4. Déjà vu says:

    “Zinke Is Ready To Hand Over Vast Alaska Wilderness to Energy Companies : Call It Teapot Dome 2.0: Interior Secretary Wants Huge National Petroleum Reserve Open for Exploitation” The National Petroleum Reserve, 10 times the size of Yellowstone and larger than Maine, South Carolina and 10 other states, was established in 1923. Harding’s Interior secretary, Albert Fall, convicted of taking bribes in exchange for favorable oil leases at the Teapot Dome Oil Field in Wyoming and another in California, wrote the executive order that Harding signed.

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