Trump holds press conference boorish even by his standards

❝ On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump took a victory lap via an almost-90-minute news conference that came fewer than 24 hours after his party lost control of the House but strengthened its Senate majority.

Trump seemed entirely unconcerned with his party’s loss of one of the chambers of Congress — instead he focused on reading out the names of Republican House members who refused to embrace him (and lost) and sparring with reporters. I went through the transcript of the whole thing and pulled out the best lines.

Here’s the link to Chris Cillizza’s complete article – topped by video excerpt. Our own creepy hoser in action.

3 thoughts on “Trump holds press conference boorish even by his standards

  1. Update says:

    “What President Trump is trying to do to CNN is straight out of [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban’s playbook,” Ian Bassin, executive director of Protect Democracy, said in response to the Trump administration’s arguments in federal court on Wednesday.
    The administration’s lawyers no longer claimed that CNN journalist Jim Acosta placed his hands on an intern, a pernicious untruth spread by press secretary Sarah Sanders via a doctored video. Instead, the lawyers offered a hodgepodge of authoritarian excuses: The media had to be respectful. Acosta was being disruptive. At times, the government’s lawyer sounded Orwellian:
    “I don’t think anyone would dispute, if [Trump] wants to exclude all reporters from the White House grounds, he clearly has the authority to do that,” [Justice Department attorney James] Burnham argued at one point during the 110-minute hearing. “There’s no First Amendment right … for journalists to be there.”
    He also argued that CNN’s and Acosta’s First Amendment rights weren’t injured by the decision to exclude Acosta — as CNN contends — because the network has dozens of other journalists with White House passes who could report in his place. He also said Acosta was free to keep reporting on Trump by watching television coverage of him outside the White House gates.
    Watching TV is the same as reporting, you see. CNN’s rights can be trampled upon because its competitors are in the room” [also the president can do anything he wants].

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