Appointing Whitaker, Trump embraces his inner crackpot.

Borrow that tie from Trump?

❝ Ruth Marcus writes: “The acting attorney general of the United States is a crackpot.”

As though that’s a bad thing.

He fits in perfectly.

❝ The “crackpot” bit is not in dispute. In addition to his exotic legal views and his lack of relevant experience, Matthew G. Whitaker was already known to have hawked hot-tub seats for a business that shut down this year after reaching a $26 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for defrauding customers. But that’s just the beginning of the crackpottery.

● Claimed that “DNA evidence collected in 2013 proves that Bigfoot does exist,” had a website selling Bigfoot paraphernalia and planned a celebrity event called “You Have Been Squatched!”

● Asserted that “time travel” could be “possible, perhaps within the next decade” and tried to raise money using bitcoin for time-travel research by one of Whitaker’s fellow board members…

● Announced…a patent application for an extra-deep “masculine toilet” for the well-endowed. Specifying the size of “average male genitalia,” the release said “this invention is designed for those of us who measure longer than that.”

Gotta worry about political appointees concerned about dingus dimensions!

For more about a political appointee whose recent attempts at memorable achievements sound like problems more often limited to puberty and bad comic books…click this link.

4 thoughts on “Appointing Whitaker, Trump embraces his inner crackpot.

  1. Lickspittle says:

    Trump’s attorney general appointment challenged at Supreme Court Critics have said the Republican president’s appointment of Whitaker, who now will oversee Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. election, on Nov. 7 to replace the ousted Jeff Sessions as the chief U.S. law enforcement official violated the Constitution and federal law. Lawyers for Barry Michaels, who filed a lawsuit in Nevada challenging a U.S. law that bars him from buying a firearm due to prior non-violent criminal convictions, decided to make Whitaker’s appointment an issue in their pending appeal before the high court because Sessions was named as a defendant in the case.
    “There is a significant national interest in avoiding the prospect that every district and immigration judge in the nation could, in relatively short order, be presented with the controversy over which person to substitute as Acting Attorney General,” the lawyers, led by prominent Supreme Court advocate Thomas Goldstein, wrote in a court filing.
    The court is not required to decide one way or another and could simply ignore or reject the motion.”

  2. Peripheral Narrator says:

    A conservative nonprofit with obscure roots and undisclosed funders [and no other employees] paid Matthew Whitaker $1.2 million
    Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has revised his ethics disclosure forms at least five times since President Donald Trump appointed him after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ forced resignation.
    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) sent a letter Tuesday requesting that the Justice Department inspector general investigate communications between Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and the White House.

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