Mom/Dad sucking kiddy’s pacifier may lower allergy risk

❝ Some moms or dads would think nothing of “cleaning” their baby’s pacifier after it has fallen on the floor by popping it into their own mouths, while others would be horrified by the idea. But the grossed out parents just might be missing an opportunity to help protect their baby from developing allergies later in childhood, according to researchers here.

Parental pacifier sucking was associated with lower early-life total IgE production, suggestive of increased protection from allergy and allergic asthma, reported Edward Zoratti, MD, of the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, and colleagues at the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology annual scientific meeting…

Co-author Elaine Abou-Jaoude, MD, also of Henry Ford, said it is known that exposure to certain microorganisms early in life stimulates development of the immune system, and may protect against allergic diseases later.

Especially if you don’t eat enough dirt when you’re a kid. Worked in my family.

Fact-checking Trump is easy. He tells the same lies over and over again.

❝ I’ve made it my mission to fact-check every word Donald Trump utters as president. That means trying to watch every speech, read every transcript, decipher every tweet. I’ve accidentally established a reputation for using Twitter to point out that he’s lying within seconds of him telling a lie…

I [Daniel Dale] have no special talent. My secret is that Trump tells the same lies over and over…

❝ Fact-checking Trump is kind of like fact-checking one of those talking dolls programmed to say the same phrases for eternity, except if none of those phrases were true. As any parent who owns a squealing Elmo can tell you, the phrases can get tiresome.

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