2 thoughts on “Another [earlier] migrant caravan

  1. Sky's falling says:

    U.S. Homeland Security chief issues unusual plea for help against ‘caravans’ : A DHS memo obtained by POLITICO asks several other Cabinet departments to send civilian police to the U.S.-Mexico border to stop migrant “caravans.” https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/30/kirstjen-nielsen-border-police-1035554 “The request suggests that personnel with such assignments as guarding diplomats, patrolling national parks, and protecting nuclear weapons might effectively “become Customs and Border Protection personnel,” as one former Justice Department official put it, with the power to arrest border-crossers.”
    …protecting nuclear weapons?!
    The U.S. has ten different locations in which it stores its nuclear weapons and the closest to the southern border is the Kirtland Underground Munitions Maintenance And Storage Complex, located approximately 270 miles north of the border in Albuquerque N.M. http://wikimapia.org/136866/Kirtland-Underground-Munitions-Storage-Complex

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