Canada’s government pledges $600M for media transition/training to digital

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government wants to protect the “vital role that independent news media play in our democracy and in our communities.”

❝ The plan in the government’s fiscal update allows non-profit news organizations to accept donations and issue tax receipts to donors…

The plan also includes a new refundable tax credit for labour costs at both for-profit and non-profit news organizations. To determine eligibility for the credit, the government plans to create an independent panel drawn from the “news and journalism community,” which will also “define and promote core journalism standards (and) define professional journalism.”

Further South, in the Land of the Free Press…the meathead-in-chief characterizes our Free Press as the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

One thought on “Canada’s government pledges $600M for media transition/training to digital

  1. 404 says:

    “Research from Canada suggests journalists’ creed can withstand government support :
    Social psychologists have demonstrated a significant link between people’s behavior, their values, and the norms of their milieu, and that they feel rewarded when they act consistently with their beliefs.” (Nieman Foundation) The Canadian government has finally announced the details of how it will offer financial assistance to the country’s struggling news media industry — a controversial policy that will lead to suggestions that journalistic independence is compromised by government funding.
    Under the heading ‘Support for Journalism’, finance minister Bill Morneau’s budget laid out three new measures: (1) Some journalism organizations will be allowed to issue charitable tax receipts to donors in a potential new source of revenue. (2) A tax credit will offer a 25 percent refund on newsroom salaries. (3) Consumers will be able to claim a tax credit for digital news subscriptions. The total projected cost of the financial package would be $595 million over five years. The aid will only be available to what the government has dubbed “qualified Canadian journalism organizations,” which will be recognized as such by “an independent panel.”

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