We Could Fund the Border Wall Or…

Trump lied and we get the bill

❝ According to Department of Homeland Security officials (and Fox News)…Trump’s goddamn-no-good-very-f**king-stupid border wall—which, if it happens, either the American taxpayers or these idiots on GoFundMe are going to pay for—will consist of 215 miles of a “wall system” on the southern border. This “wall system” will supposedly include some fencing, some border patrol agents, and some cameras for the low, low price of $5 billion up front and up to $25 billion later on…

Here are some other ways we could spend the $5 billion:

• Pay the annual salary of 125,000 teachers

• Pay the annual salary of 71,428 nurses

• Provide a year of housing for 500,000 homeless people

• Fund 250,000 domestic adoptions

• Fund the annual treatment of 250,000 people living with AIDS

• Pay off 134,509 average student loans…

• Buy 25 million ounces of weed

Buy 2 billion tacos…

❝ What do we need more, a border wall or 2 billion tacos? One is going to hurt immigrants, property owners, butterflies, jaguars, and the ecosystem, and the other tastes great with salsa and sour cream. I know which one gets my vote.

Har! Ditto.

3 thoughts on “We Could Fund the Border Wall Or…

  1. Walleyed says:

    “Team Trump: ‘It’s Not A Wall,’ as Shutdown Fight Continues” https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-allies-muddle-meaning-of-the-wall-as-shutdown-fight-continues
    “President Trump on Monday asserted that his administration did not abandon the concept of building a concrete wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a day after his outgoing chief of staff John Kelly said the White House had long since moved on from the idea of a “solid concrete wall.” https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/423292-trump-says-all-concrete-wall-was-never-abandoned-contradicting-john

  2. Vision of the future says:

    Troops deploying to the American southwest in order to protect U.S. sovereignty during a ‘mass illegal migration crisis’ will receive medals for their efforts. https://taskandpurpose.com/us-mexico-border-troops-medal
    The Pentagon has authorized the Armed Forces Service Medal for thousands of U.S. service members who have deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border. For the last year, soldiers have been sent to assist Customers and Border Protection units to patrol the border and cut off illegal immigration operations.

    “…there is no end date for the award, as the operation is ongoing.”

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