Shutdown somehow spares tourist site in Trump hotel

Historic Clock Tower atop Trump Hotel in DCKaren Bleier/Getty

❝ Smithsonian museums are closed. There are no federal staffers to answer tourists’ questions at the Lincoln Memorial. And across the United States, national parks are cluttered with trash. Yet despite the federal government shutdown, a historic clock tower at the Trump International Hotel remained open Friday for its handful of visitors, staffed by green-clad National Park Service rangers…

The Trump administration appears to have gone out of its way to keep the attraction in the federally owned building that houses the Trump hotel open and staffed with National Park Service rangers, even as other federal agencies shut all but the most essential services…

❝ A watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the GSA, seeking documents explaining why the tower was open, how it continues to be funded, and any communications between the agency and the Trump Organization, the president’s company. Trump gave up day-to-day management of the firm in 2017 but continues to receive earnings from its operations.

At the very least, this smells funny.” Said Noah Bookbinder, the group’s executive director.

I wouldn’t call the smell of anything involving our fake president “funny”.

4 thoughts on “Shutdown somehow spares tourist site in Trump hotel

  1. Priorities says:

    While nearly 800,000 federal workers have been sent home during the government shutdown, Bureau of Land Management employees continue to process oil drilling applications.
    That’s a departure from the 2013 government shutdown, when about 200 applications for permits to drill on federal lands were not processed during the 16-day stoppage, according to a government report drafted after the fact. To some extent, government shutdowns reveal an administration’s priorities. They allow the executive branch to determine what is and is not considered essential work.
    “Two weeks into a partial shutdown of the federal government, the impact on Wyoming’s oil and gas industry remains uncertain as the agency tasked with overseeing the industry is no longer answering the phone.” (Casper Star Tribune 1/5/19) “News of what’s happening behind the shuttered doors of the Bureau of Land Management has already become the stuff of rumor and conjecture in the state. Are there engineers on call for emergencies in the Wyoming field offices? Is the Carlsbad field office down in New Mexico actually processing applications for permits to drill — something that is not happening in Wyoming? What happens to environmental reviews related to industry development that are supposed to be open for public comment? Answers to these questions are not available from officials in the federal government. All non-essential personnel are barred from working, from responding to emails or answering phone calls — be they from oil and gas operators, conservation groups or landowners.”

  2. Pay2Play says:

    Last April, telecom giant T-Mobile announced a megadeal: a $26 billion merger with rival Sprint, which would more than double T-Mobile’s value and give it a huge new chunk of the cellphone market.
    But for T-Mobile, one hurdle remained: Its deal needed approval from the Trump administration.
    The next day, in Washington, staffers at the Trump International Hotel were handed a list of incoming “VIP Arrivals.” That day’s list included nine of T-Mobile’s top executives — including its chief operating officer, chief technology officer, chief strategy officer, chief financial officer and its outspoken celebrity chief executive, John Legere.
    They were scheduled to stay between one and three days. But it was not their last visit.
    Instead, T-Mobile executives have returned to President Trump’s hotel repeatedly since then, according to eyewitnesses and hotel documents obtained by The Washington Post.

  3. License2Steal says:

    “Reports show that Ivanka Trump, a senior advisor to the president, made $4 million last year from her dad’s D.C. hotel. Trump himself reportedly made over $41 million.”
    “…In one instance, lobbyists representing the government of Saudi Arabia reserved an estimated 500 rooms at that D.C. property within a month of Trump’s election in 2016, according to The Washington Post, spending a total of more than $270,000.”
    See other examples at

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