A Shut Down Government Costs Taxpayers More Than an Open One

❝ Sending workers home, not collecting fees and not paying bills on time all come with a cost, which escalates every day President Trump and Congress fail to reach a deal to reopen federal agencies.

❝ A federal government shutdown might seem like a great way to save money: When agencies aren’t open, they aren’t spending tax dollars. But history shows us that closing the government actually costs more than keeping it open.

Shuttered parks can’t collect entrance fees. Furloughed workers will ultimately get paid for not showing up to work. And the government will wind up having to pay interest on missed payments to some contractors.

And it goes on from there. RTFA. Please ignore the lies, distractions and other con games flowing from the Oval Office like urine from a drunken baboon.

2 thoughts on “A Shut Down Government Costs Taxpayers More Than an Open One

  1. Goners says:

    Joshua Tree National Park Could Take 300 Years to Recover from Shutdown Vandalism https://www.lamag.com/citythinkblog/joshua-tree-goverment-shutdown/
    Joshua Tree is a special place for many Californians, with a landscape unlike almost any other on earth. During the government shutdown, when Park Service staffers were unable to provide their usual management of the 1,200-square-mile park and the people passing through it, so much havoc was wrought on that landscape that it could take centuries to fully recover.
    “What’s happened to our park in the last 34 days is irreparable for the next 200 to 300 years,” Curt Sauer, a former superintendent of the park, said during a rally over the weekend. https://www.desertsun.com/story/news/environment/2019/01/26/joshua-tree-national-park-rally-against-shutdown-impact/2689866002/

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