The American Trucking Industry needs more than increasing the number of drivers

❝ The US will be short 175,000 truck drivers by 2026, according to the American Trucking Associations. Fewer drivers mean that fewer goods can be moved in a timely fashion, which limits companies from selling more and consumers from enjoying what they’re used to finding in stores or online…

But not everyone agrees that the shortage is the only thing constraining the trucking industry, which moved 64% of all freight shipments in 2015.

❝ …Trucking can be an “incredibly wasteful” industry. Billions of miles are driven every year with nothing in them, many drivers spend hours at shipping docks, and the traditional way of brokering freight through phone, fax, and email is inefficient.

And not only do those factors make the industry less efficient, they make the already-stressful job of trucking that much more burdensome on drivers.

I worked in logistics and traffic management for a couple of decades. Everything from loading freight with a handtruck to managing and scheduling. Solid article with modern solutions. Questionable if the industry will adopt these rational solutions. Cripes, computer-controlled, automated warehouses were available sixty years ago. It’s taken Amazon to get media coverage of what’s possible.

6 thoughts on “The American Trucking Industry needs more than increasing the number of drivers

  1. Michelle Meaders says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to rebuild our railroad tracks and ship more stuff by train? It would take a load off our roads. And maybe we could get better passenger service while we are at it.

    Or stop blocking the Mexican drivers who want to drive further into the country?

  2. Long haul says:

    “Robots could replace 1.7 million American truckers in the next decade” (2016)
    “Robot Trucks Enter The Fast Lane As Daimler, TuSimple And Udelv Ramp Up Plans” (91/8/19)
    “Autonomous Trucking Likely in Four Stages, Consulting Firm Says” (Dec 2018)
    “U.S. Army Deploying Autonomous Trucks Faster Than Expected” (Sept 2018)
    “Supreme Court rules truck drivers can’t be forced into arbitration”
    “Robot Delivery Dogs Deployed By Self-Driving Cars Could Become A Thing” (1/8/19)

  3. Ameriton Freight says:

    What do you think it needs. I think we need better communication and respect for drivers. So many companies look at drivers as pawns to run their business. We are the wheels (pun intended) that keeps these companies growing.

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