U.S. Navy Wants Killer Robot Ships

❝ Defense News reports that the U.S. navy is planning to unleash unmanned surface combatants — military robot warships, basically — to accompany other boats that are controlled by a human crew.

Last year’s naval National Defense Strategy — when it was announced at the beginning of 2018 — was focused on backing up existing aircraft carriers and bolstering peacekeeping efforts. The new focus differs: smaller surface combatants, many of which will be unmanned, and equipped with state-of-the-art sensors.

The idea is to overwhelm the enemy and make it difficult for them to track a large number of smaller ships. Having a larger number of autonomous ships will also make sensor data collection more reliable and accurate.

❝ One such autonomous warship has already made headlines in the past: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Sea Hunter is a submarine-hunting warship that can operate without humans on board for 60 to 90 days straight. Details are becoming more sparse about the Sea Hunter since the Navy recently classified any information about its future.

Might be nice if the Feds and our military didn’t just pour taxpayers dollar$ into the ocean like so much laundry detergent. Proof of concept, prototyping, pilot projects are accepted as useful in any industrial project that doesn’t involve someone in a uniform with lots of stars on his hat.

Someday, an American government will grow cojones big enough to tell the military industrial complex to go raise their own money. Have a bake sale or something. Leave taxpayer dollar$ for healthcare, education, the legitimate needs of the whole populace.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Navy Wants Killer Robot Ships

  1. Update says:

    ‘Ghost Fleet’ of autonomous ships added to San Diego’s state-of-the-art Navy squadron https://warisboring.com/ghost-fleet-of-autonomous-ships-added-to-san-diegos-state-of-the-art-navy-squadron/
    “The Ghost Fleet Overlord program, executed by SCO in partnership with Program Executive Office, Unmanned and Small Combatants, is playing a central role in informing the Navy’s new classes of USVs and serving as part of extensive technical risk-reduction efforts.” https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2647818/ghost-fleet-overlord-unmanned-surface-vessel-program-completes-second-autonomou/

    • Ahoy says:

      A U.S. Navy “Ghost Fleet Overlord” unmanned vessel has completed a second long-range autonomous transit, traveling from the Gulf Coast to the West Coast via the Panama Canal.
      The unmanned surface vessel (USV), named Nomad, travelled total of 4,421 nautical miles, 98 percent of which was in autonomous mode. The first Ghost Fleet Overlord vessel, Ranger, completed a similar transit in October 2020. Both vessels passed through the Panama Canal while in manual mode. https://gcaptain.com/navy-ghost-fleet-unmanned-ship-makes-second-long-range-trip/

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