Former Republican Governor’s bodyguard files suit as whistleblower

Then-governor Susana Martinez addressing 2016 Republican Convention
AP Photo/J Scott Applewhite

❝ A bodyguard for former Gov. Susana Martinez says in a new lawsuit that state police officials retaliated against him for raising concerns about misconduct by another member of her security detail, including concerns about the misspending of campaign funds.

New Mexico State Police Officer Tony Fetty claims officials around the governor instead sought to protect her ex-bodyguard, Ruben Maynes, and alleges the two had a personal relationship.

❝ The lawsuit adds to questions other state law enforcement officials have already raised in recent months about why Maynes received a $200,000 out-of-court settlement from the New Mexico government after leaving the governor’s security detail and what relationship, if any, he had with the state’s top elected official and her family…

❝ Fetty says in his lawsuit that colleagues told him Maynes was “protected” — that is, untouchable for political reasons.

The officer says: “Because of the overlapping of Agent Maynes’ personal life and frequency of non-professional concerns expressed by Gov. Martinez about Maynes, it became clear … that there was a personal relationship between Gov. Martinez and Agent Maynes.”

Surely, you didn’t think salacious tales of sex and corruption were limited to federal officials in Washington, DC.

4 thoughts on “Former Republican Governor’s bodyguard files suit as whistleblower

  1. Exposé Jay says:

    “Late last year, the Martinez administration negotiated secret deals that cost taxpayers a total of $1,700,000. Sources say the Risk Management Division paid a group of disgruntled public employees huge sums of money in order to keep alleged compromising information about then Governor Susana Martinez under wraps.” (KRQE News, Albuquerque updated NM May 24, 2019)
    “An attorney for three former New Mexico State Police officers who settled discrimination and retaliation claims against the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and its former State Police chief said Thursday that they are seeking to be released from an unusual confidentiality agreement enforced by the state that seals the details of the settlement until 2023.” (Albuquerque Journal 5/23/19)
    “New Mexico GOP blasts $1.7 million in settlements made, sealed under former Gov. Martinez” (Deming N.M. Headlight 5/24/19)
    “Questions about $1.7 million in payouts by New Mexico to settle legal claims have prompted a review of policies and procedures regarding such agreements.” (AP 5/23/19) Martinez, a Republican who left office at the end of 2018 after two consecutive terms, has denied involvement in the agreements.
    HT Joe Monahan

  2. Epilogue says:

    In a press conference Monday, New Mexico State Auditor Brian Colón announced his office’s findings regarding multiple secret payouts approved by former Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration. Colón said he was “disappointed” and “disgusted” with the way the Martinez administration handled 18 confidential legal settlements totalling $5 million in taxpayer money. The payouts were in response to a lawsuit filed against Martinez and her former chief of police, alleging workplace harrasment and discrimination.
    “This is about abuse of power, a lack of transparency, and particularly as it relates to political appointees by our former governor,” Colón said.
    The Martinez administration finalized the settlements in question just before she left office and approved by a cabinet secretary she appointed.

  3. La Política​ says:

    “Against a backdrop of political mudslinging this election season, a quiet legal battle is being waged over two campaign mailers from 2016 that warned about a Republican legislative candidate, citing allegations of torture, threats of castration and child abuse at his ranch for troubled youths.
    The negative mailers targeted southwestern New Mexico rancher Scott Chandler, who contends he was the victim of a reckless and untruthful campaign by Republican political consultant Jay McCleskey to harm his reputation and his chances for election in June 2016. He lost the Republican primary by 16 votes.
    McCleskey is the prominent GOP consultant who helped Gov. Susana Martinez twice win the governor’s race and served as an adviser during her administration. He is currently working on the U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Mark Ronchetti.
    The defamation lawsuit alleges that Martinez, upon the advice of McCleskey, had a “high profile involvement” with the execution of a State Police search of Chandler’s Tierra Blanca ranch in October 2013.

    See also “Feds investigate Gov. Susana Martinez adviser Jay McCleskey, campaign funds” (Nov 2015)

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