3 thoughts on “Wilbur Ross — Always the Gentlemen

  1. Update says:

    Constant infighting among top officials. Sudden departures of senior staffers without explanation. A leader who is disengaged and prone to falling asleep in meetings.
    ‘It’s a disaster over there’: Commerce reaches new heights of dysfunction. Under Secretary Wilbur Ross, the department is chaotic and adrift. (Politico 7/22/19) https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/22/wilbur-ross-commerce-department-dysfunction-1424427
    “Secretary Ross is a tireless worker who is the sole decision-maker at the department,” said Commerce Press Secretary Kevin Manning. “He routinely works 12-hour days and travels often, with visits to seven countries and eight states in the last three months to advance the president’s agenda.”

    (Feb 28, 2017): “When Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross attended Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., he stepped out in $645 bespoke velvet slippers by Stubbs & Wootton — and they were embroidered with the Commerce Department’s logo. The brand is based in Palm Beach, Fla., the posh community that’s home to Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort.” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5zeHtdWMAItpcy?format=jpg

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